Nursery, Greeters, Fellowship Snack, and

Family Service Groups Schedules

Family Service Groups

            July                                        August                                           September

Allan & Nikki Sutliff                Ken & Lorna Hockert                    Josiah & Krystle Jensen

Orville & Fran Skadsem          Barry Liimatainen                        Bert & Christine Foster

Tyler & Karissa Beckman       Steve Besserud                               Al & Amanda Grzadzielewski

                                                   Howard & Margie Nelson

Service Group Duties

- Set up tables and decorations for each event occuring during the month of your service. Put everything back in order after the event.

- Wipe tables and chairs as needed.

- Check the kitchen to be sure all dishes have been washed and put away. Coffee pots must be emptied and washed. Turn off the power switch for the Bun units.

- Get rid of ALL leftovers by taking them home, or tossing them.

- Check for outdated items in the fridge.

- Wipe refrigerator shelves and drawers as necessary. Stove tops and counter tops should be clean.

- Launder any towels, tablecloths. or dish rags you have used.

When your month of service is completed, everything should be in order for the next service group to begin. 


  • Nursery Schedule

    There will not be nursery during the summer months.

  • Greeters Schedule

    There will not be greeters during the summer months.

  • Fellowship snack

    There will not be a fellowship snack during the summer months.