Nursery, Greeters, Fellowship Snack, and

Family Service Groups Schedules

Family Service Groups

Service Group Duties

- Set up tables and decorations for each event occuring during the month of your service. Put everything back in order after the event.

- Wipe tables and chairs as needed.

- Check the kitchen to be sure all dishes have been washed and put away. Coffee pots must be emptied and washed. Turn off the power switch for the Bun units.

- Get rid of ALL leftovers by taking them home, or tossing them.

- Check for outdated items in the fridge.

- Wipe refrigerator shelves and drawers as necessary. Stove tops and counter tops should be clean.

- Launder any towels, tablecloths. or dish rags you have used.

When your month of service is completed, everything should be in order for the next service group to begin. 


  • Nursery Schedule

    The nursery will be available for parents use. Please note, there will not be an attendant to watch your children. Parents must accompany your child(ren) while in the nursery.

  • Greeters Schedule

    Due to safety concerns, there will not be predetermined greeters.

  • Fellowship snack

    Due to safety concerns, there will not be a fellowship snack.