What We Believe

Here is a summary of our core beliefs:

God's Word is central to life in our church.

We strive to base our beliefs and choices on the teachings of the Bible. God’s Word strongly shapes how we think, plan, speak, and act. The Bible is our ultimate authority for life.

People need to be "born again."

People need to be made right with God. People need to live rightly before God. We receive forgiveness, a fresh start, and a restored relationship with God when we turn away from wrong living and we place our trust in Jesus Christ the Savior.

We tell people about Jesus though our actions and words.

God has given His church a mission: To help others know, love, and follow Jesus Christ, the Savior. To carry out God’s mission we serve our neighbors in love and we tell them the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

God welcomes all people into His church.

You don't have to be a Christian to participate in the life of our church. To become a member of our church, you do need to know you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ. Church is a place to seek God, meet God, and grow in God.

God's Spirit gives us power.

We cannot love and serve God on our own - we need God's help! Through His Spirit, God gives us power to love Him and live for Him. We listen to, follow, and cooperate with God's Spirit as He works in our lives.

We are free in Jesus Christ to love and live!

Christianity isn't about following a lot of rules - it is about living in a love relationship with God and others. Christians are free to love and live according to our unique personalities, passions and abilities. What draws and holds us together is our shared faith in Jesus and our shared love for God and each other.